Name of Club How often? What Day? Where? Time? Sponsor(s) Brief description
Lego Club Every week Thursday Room 520 3:50 - 4:30 Allison Gilmore All students are welcome to come build with Legos. They will be participating in free building, timed/race building, and competition building. This club supports creative thinking, spatial reasoning, and teambuilding.
BeyBlade Club Every week Wednesday Room 520 3:50 - 4:30 Allison Gilmore All students are welcome to come battle with BeyBlades. This is a "bring your own Bey" club and the only Beyblades available will be the ones students bring with them. Students will partner off to battle/dual with Beyblades where they will learn good sportmanship and strategic thinking.
Art Club (A and B) Every other week (alternating between A & B Club) Wednesday 409 4-5 pm Christine Grafe Art club is for any student interested in creating some amazing artwork and decorating our school. There are two different clubs (A&B) so that I can serve more students, and each club meets once a month. Club dues are $10 to help cover supply costs. We'll be making our own tie dye club shirts, Chihuly sculptures, fused glass jewelry, ceramics, and more!
Soccer Club Every week Wednesday Room 502, then outside on the field 4-4:45 Arthur and Emmons All students are welcome to come practice their soccer skills and
play a friendly soccer game against each other. Dues are for t-shirt
(still waiting to hear back from CC Creations on amount).
Marathon Kids Runner's Club Every week Thursday Behind CG 3:50-4:30PM Jolly & Palasota Runners Club with Marathon Kids incentives! Each time a runner accumulates 26.2 miles, they will earn a prize from Marathon Kids (up to 104.8 miles).
Cypress in Action (StuCo) Every other week TBD Room 212 3::50-4:30 Gillum, Lehrmann, Cochrane Student Council
Storytellers Club Every week Thursday Room 226 3:50-4:30PM Jennifer Laury Come practice your story writing and telling skills. Work on your own original short story and/or practice developing your story teller's voice. Final products will be presented to a live audience an may have the opportunity to be published in house.
Chess Club 2 times per month Monday Room 507 3:50-4:30PM Chris May Come learn to play chess or teach a friend how to play chess.
SPARK Club Once a month First Tuesday every month Room 314 Paige Clouston and Cortney Gibson
Strengthening Pride And Reinforcing Kindness (SPARK) club
will be showing students how easy it is to make someones
day (student or teacher) by just one small act of kindness.
During our time, we will write thank you notes, give praise,
give club members ideas on how they can do these things on
their own, and let everyone at CG know they are appreciated.
Anime Fan Club 2 times a month Alternating Monday & Wednesday Room 522 4:00 - 5:00 pm Mary Wilson Students will share their love for all things anime; art, books. movies, Japanese language and music
AVID club Once a month 4th Thursday morning Room 220 7:50-8:00 Cindy Mullen Students will call me to learn the skills that the AVID students use and will have an AVID student as their mentor they will also help with the food drive
String Squad Once a week Thursday Orch Room 4:00-5:00 Amanda Evans Open to any 5th or 6th grade string player. We will work on different music from regular orchestra class with the goal of performing it in the community.

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