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Please click the photo for an Open House informational video. 

SCHOOLOGY is CSISD’s Learning Management System (think of this as your children’s teachers’ websites - where all student instructional materials, course updates, and some digital discussions, assignments, and assessments will live).  

You will need to create a parent account. You need a unique code for your student to create your parent account. You can obtain this code from your child’s teacher. 

Once you have the unique code, please follow the account creation instructions listed on our Schoology Parent Website (scroll down until you see "Creating a Schoology Parent Account"). If you have more than one child (and their unique code),  follow the steps to add an additional child to your parent account.

Login Link:  https://schoology.com

Login Info:  Personal email address & Password

Help:  schoology@csisd.org (please include your name, student’s campus and student’s  ID # in your email!


  •  URL for all parent account related Information: https://bit.ly/CSISDschoologyparents .  This website is also linked to all school websites under the “Parents” tab.
  •  Parent accounts can only view their student’s courses. A parent is NOT able to complete any work for their student in the parent account.

How can I monitor my child’s grades and attendance?

Home Access Center - PARENTS

CSISD’s Grades and Attendance system. This is where we record official grades (for progress and report cards), course credit, and attendance. 

Parents will create a HAC account separate from their student’s HAC account. To get this account set up, please visit https://hac.csisd.org/HomeAccess and click on “Click Here to Register for HAC”.

Once your account is established, you can use the information below to log into check your child’s grades! 

Login Link:


Login Info:

The username and password established during the account set-up 




HAC will be the only place that official grades and attendance records will be held. Schoology will show some grades, but your child’s teacher will transfer any grades from Schoology into HAC that will count toward your child’s official grade in that course.