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Mission & Goals


Cypress Grove Intermediate School

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Fan the flame of success by guiding our students to become better thinkers, learners, and individuals.





To become a better thinker: skilled, focused, and independent

To become a better learner: adaptable, curious, and motivated

To become a better individual: at school, locally, and globally.



900 Graham Road South

College Station, Texas  77845

Phone: 979/694-5600

Fax: 979/694-5604

Cypress Grove Web Address: http://cg.csisd.org/

Principal:  Holly Scott

Assistant Principal:  Aaron Hogan


Our Priorities and Beliefs
  • We believe in teaching with passion to challenge our students while getting them excited about learning.
  • Our teachers will demonstrate respect, consistency, patience, and understanding.
  • We will teach using high standards which are aligned with the state and district curriculum
  • We believe that learning best takes place in an active, student-centered, discovery-based and structured environment.
  • We will cultivate learners through the use of technology, cooperative learning, interaction and research-based teaching practices.
  • We believe that learning develops a more well-rounded person, eases adversity, and increases self-esteem.
Our School
  • We believe that Cypress Grove should be a positive, professional, safe and respectful environment which is warm and welcoming to all who enter.
  • We will celebrate successes and work together as a family.
  • Cypress Grove should be a community in which we share goals and ideas, responsibilities and challenges in an effort to help our students transition from elementary to middle school.
Our Students
  • Cypress Grove students will be good citizens and life-long learners who have appropriate behavior and respect for themselves and others.
  • Our students should feel confident, motivated, and excited about coming to school each day and we should work to help make that happen.
  • We will celebrate the diverse backgrounds and various talents of our students.
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Cypress Grove Intermediate School
900 Graham Rd. College Station, TX 77845 Phone: (979) 694-5600 Fax: (979) 694-5604
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